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The Fan2Fan Podcast - A Conversation Between Fans About Movies, Comics, TV, Video Games, Toys, Cartoons, And All Things Pop Culture

May 30, 2023

We're talking comics books on this episode of the Fan2Fan Podcast!

Michele Brittany and Joshua Pruett join Bernie and Pete to share their comic and manga recommendations.

They discuss comics including 30 Days of Night, Mouse Guard, Nocturnals, New Frontier, Rocketo, Daredevil: Man Without Fear, Tomb of Dracula, and more. They go over manga including Tomie, Witch Hat Atelier, and Delicious in Dungeon.

They also discuss influential writers and artists including Bernie Wrightson, Frank Frazetta, Walt Simonson, Darwyn Cooke, Guy Davis, Gou Tanabe, and Junji Ito.

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