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The Fan2Fan Podcast - A Conversation Between Fans About Movies, Comics, TV, Video Games, Toys, Cartoons, And All Things Pop Culture

Oct 11, 2016

After discussing some of the legendary figures in practical special effects in a previous episode, Fan2Fan Podcast host Bernie Gonzalez and fellow podcaster Peter Charbonneau (So Bad It’s…) return to talk about some of the memorable moments in movie make-up history. They examine Frankenstein's iconic look, Alien's chest-burster scene, the transformation in American Werewolf in London, Jeff Goldblum's evolution in The Fly, Freddy Kruger's macabre make-up, and more. Bernie and Pete also discuss the future of practical special effects in a CGI-dominated entertainment landscape. Please rate and review the Fan2Fan Podcast on iTunes! Visit for more info and follow @fan2fanpodcast.