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The Fan2Fan Podcast - A Conversation Between Fans About Movies, Comics, TV, Video Games, Toys, Cartoons, And All Things Pop Culture

Dec 28, 2021

Fan2Fan Podcast hosts Doug and Pete are joined by fellow music fan Brooke to talk all things music!

The toe-tapping trio go over memorable (and not so memorable) concerts, opening acts, first albums, desert island albums, music snobbery, and more.

Along the way they also discuss Cabbage Patch Dolls, KISS Meets the...

Dec 23, 2021

Welcome to the Fan2fan Aftershow! Bernie and Pete continue their conversation with guests Allan and Brooke. 

We discuss their group #StrangerFriends, VHS movie memories, TV Guide, and illegal cable.

#StrangerFriend Kristen also stops by to discuss three holiday favorites including White Christmas, Santa Claus (1985),...

Dec 21, 2021

We're talking Home for the Holidays on this episode of the Fan2Fan Podcast!

Bernie and Pete are joined by fellow fans Allen and Brooke to discuss the 1995 movie, the cast, family dynamics, and more.

They also bring up holiday memories, memorable gifts, Elf on the Shelf names, and Hallmark vs. Lifetime movies.

For more...

Dec 14, 2021

We're talking holiday movies and specials in this episode of the Fan2Fan Podcast!

Bernie, Doug, and Pete review some of their festive favorites including Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas, Love Actually, the Toy Story That Time Forgot, Star Wars Christmas specials, and more.

They also discuss holiday traditions, TV...

Dec 7, 2021

In this very special episode of the Fan2Fan Podcast, we’re talking holiday memories!

Pete, Bernie, and Doug go down merry memory lane as they discuss memorable gifts, traditions, and more.

Get ready to hear about letters to Santa, trips to Toys R Us, hockey pads, the Millennium Falcon, the Battletoads NES game, and...